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General Engineering

Turning-Machining-Slotting-Drilling-Milling-Grinding-Welding Repairs

Offering Services to the Maintenance Industry 

Piston Rod


Keyed Collars


Keyed Shafts


Pulley Repair

Knurled Rollers

Shafts Renewed & Repaired

Shaft & Sprockets

Roller Shafts

Bearing Plates

Reclaiming Shafts

Piston Heads

Welding Repairs

Drive Shafts

Pivot Bolts

Piston Nuts

Studs  &  Pins

Roller Spindles

C H Engineering repair, modify and manufacture parts in phospher bronze, stainless steel and plastics 

Tyre Fitter designed and manufactured by C H Engineering

Stagecoach Supertram Ltd

Tyre fitter designed and manufactured by C H Engineering, to reduce the time take to fit the tyres onto Sheffield's Supertrams.    

Split suspended bearing housing an PTFE bushes manufactured by C H Engineering

Sheffield Refractories Ltd

Split suspended bearing housing and PTFE bushes for Auger feed system manufactured by C H Engineering.  

Scraper Blades manufactured by C H Engineering

Greencore Prepared Foods PLC

Acetal, Phospher Bronze & Stainless Steel Scraper Blades. 


Kerry Foods Limited

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